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I didn’t read much as a child, so we’d have to pull a few comic books out of the pile—Classics Illustratedcomes to mind. Speaking of Manischewitz, who could forget Stutchkoff’s famous Manischewitz Matzo jingle, where the matzah is “always fresh and always crunchy and snaps on your teeth”? This popular song was composed by Sholom Swing Trading Secunda, Stutchkoff’s predecessor on the Jewish Children’s Hour, and sung by the talented young participants on WLTH radio. According to Henry Sapoznik of the Yiddish Radio Project, Stutchkoff was famous for his amazingly descriptive commercials for matzo, among other products, and you can find some on their website.

  • This popular song was composed by Sholom Secunda, Stutchkoff’s predecessor on the Jewish Children’s Hour, and sung by the talented young participants on WLTH radio.
  • However, disputes continued into the 1730s and 1740s, with land riots in West Jersey and the successful jailbreak in Newark of dispossessed yeomen Robert Young and Thomas Sergeant, orchestrated by a determined gathering of three-hundred citizens armed with cudgels and staves.
  • Yet, while the NYPL catalog lists 121 entries under the subject heading “New Jersey—History,” searching “New York (N.Y.)–History” brings up 781 entries.
  • In the antebellum years the marshal enforced the Fugitive Slave Act and postbellum the Civil Rights Act.
  • There is a need for more family histories about families who are not affluent.

Facades of buildings were fractured and disjointed, sidewalk curbs didn’t line up correctly, the tracks of elevated subway platforms were broken. Sometimes a person or object would be abruptly cut off mid-picture, or, alternately, would appear multiple times within a single image. On one Paterson, New Jersey street, for instance, half of a car moves down the road, while, simultaneously, the same bicycle appears three different times, once as a ghostly free-floating half wheel right in the center of the frame.

Lawmen and Badmen: The Tin Star of the Old West

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The years 1664 to 1702 form the first period of dispute and civic upheaval over the proprietary claims to the lands of East and West Jersey. Before Nicholls was finally made aware of the Duke’s deal with the Carteret and Berkeley, due to the lumbering dispatch of letters via oceanic passage, the Governor had authorized the sale of numerous Jersey lands both East and West. An increasing amount of settlers claimed that the Duke had never properly owned the land, the proprietorship was false, and no rent should be due. Network security scanners are used by network administrators to evaluate network security.

paginas hacer trading

What colonial proprietors in the 17th and 18th centuries once officially delineated as East and West Jersey is today perceived in the idioms of North and South Jersey. North Jersey is roughly the seaport crook of hyperpopulation and industry that converges with New York City, with the stretch of Highlands bordering New York State that includes a patch of the Appalachian Trail. South Jersey is anchored in Delaware Bay by Cape May, flanked at the ocean by Atlantic City and coordinated east of Philadelphia across the Delaware River by the city of Camden.

She shows off her elegant boot, although the distortion caused by Atget’s lens makes it look as if she is keeping her chair from tipping over on the sloping cobblestones. Like the pavement, the houses behind her look somehow topographic, as if they have been hewn from stone. Barvin’s photos of New York City in particular are also documents of a city in transition. Most of the photos in the archive date from the 1990s, a Dinkins/Giuliani era when the city was moving out of the crime-ridden ’70s and ’80s and yet hadn’t reached its current state of luxury high-rises and gentrification.

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In 1609, Dutch explorer Henry Hudson sailed west from the port of Galway Bay in search of a northwest passage to Indo-Russia. Crossing the Atlantic, Hudson instead found northeast passage to New Jersey. The explorer sent men inland who returned with red and green tomatoes the size of bowling balls which they had seized from the food supplies of the Seminole indigenous tribes who inhabited the stretch of Pine Bogs along the Union City River. Returning to Europe, Hudson and his men distributed their booty of tomatoes on the black markets of the Midlands and the Andalusian steppe, where the fruit eventually found its way to Southern Italy. Speaking of Daytshmerish, this next poster for “Di zilberne hokhtsayt” use the German “hochzeit” instead of the Yiddish “khasene” for the word “wedding”.

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What started as a simple comparison of copies between collections turned into an open-ended bibliographic exercise with many rabbit holes to get lost in. All title page information need not be suspect, however, the lesson in all of this is that there are many software development request for proposal paths to bibliographic enlightenment regarding dates in late 18th and early 19th century books. These factors include but are hardly limited to knowing the active years of the publisher and printer, and when available, the paper makers and their watermarks.

Indigenous Peoples

“Brivelekh” was another song featuring Stutchkoff’s lyrics, with music by Sholom Secunda, from the play “Shtief Shvester” by Louis Freiman, performed at the Rolland Theatre in Brooklyn in 1931. Here, Yiddish tragedienne Jennie Goldstein sang of a heartbroken, abandoned lover who finds comfort in her old love letters. Stutchkoff honed his talent for melodrama with creations like “Bay tate-mames tish” (“Around the family table”), a stage play and long-running radio show sponsored by the B.

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There can be different viewpoints according to the different forex time frames on the same currency pair. Rick Atkinson’sLiberation Trilogy, a history of World War II in Europe. Atkinson writes beautifully, and his history unfolds with all the passion and immediacy of a good novel. Another popular song with lyrics by Stutchkoff and music by Abe Ellstein came from Stutchkoff’s 1929 operetta with the same name, “Az der rebe vil” . Ludwig Satz, a well-known Yiddish actor, recorded this comical title track on “Ludwig Satz at the Yiddish Theatre, Volume 2,” describing a wonder rabbi who performs ridiculous miracles, such as turning a duck into a tomcat. One of his biggest hits was “In mayne oygen biztu shehn” , with lyrics co-written by Molly Picon and music by Joseph Rumshinsky.

We are based in Delhi since 15 Years 1 Month 13 Days importing quality and quantity verified products from different countries. We would like to get in touch with genuine exporters who deliver goods in a timely fashion. With the release of Disney’s Cinderella and the popularity of the TV show Once Upon a Timeand the moviesMaleficent andInto the Woods,fairy tales are in the news again. They give the back story of the characters, tell what happens after “happily ever after” or people from our world are tossed into the fairy tale world. Here’s a sampling of some that you and your kids might enjoy.

He was an agent of the courts, a server of subpoenas and warrants of eviction, an overseer of prisoners, supervisor of elections, collector of taxes, and, for some time, most relevant to the historian of family history, the marshal took the census. The inaugural 1790 census was compiled by 650 federal marshals, who spent 18 months trekking the 13 states and enumerated 3.9 million residents. Universal letter-writers were guidebooks meant to teach young men and women the art of writing and speaking fluently on a variety of subjects. The bulk of the texts are model letters, organized by theme and supplemented with guides to grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and style, as well as how to write cards of compliment or address the President of the United States (“His Excellency the President of the United States,” if you’re curious). The Rare Book Division’s copies were printed in the early nineteenth century, but later versions can be found in the library’s other collections.

If you have a family history that you would like to donate to libraries, consider the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress. After publishing some of her family histories and donating to libraries explain the difference between information and data and archives, author Penny Stratton heard from other researchers that they had found leads and data in her writings. Writing your family history gives you the chance to depict your ancestors how you see fit.

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